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More images from California coast 

This was an awkward photo from a tiny spot above a steep drop from just past the guardrail on Hwy One to the ocean below.  It was along a section of the road that I would drive my RV on the other side of the highway if I could as looking down out of it gave me vertigo.


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The American War Crimes Museum 

South Vietnam President’s Helicopter. The red circles on the pavement mark where Viet Cong rockets landed.

The former South Vietnam Presidential Palace. Renamed Reunification Palace after Viet Cong tanks rolled over the gates and took it, and South Vietnam, under their control. Now a museum, the more or less intact interior is a time warp from that era.

One of the Viet Cong tanks that rolled over the gates to the South Vietnam Presidential Palace and captured the capital of the former South Vietnam.

Cho Lon Market…built in 1926 by the Chinese-Vietnamese living in this area of Saigon. Inside the Market is a busy hub of Vietnamese agricultural products.