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Thug neighbor is arranging to have me killed again although this time around they (he and co-conspirators) are planning on making it look like an accident. Any day now, I think I heard. So…if you don’t see me around on the blog you will know why. They didn’t go through with it last time when they were trying to hire a hit man (not sure why.) Apparently, there is no freedom of speech here in Hawaii. It’s their way or the highway.

This neighbor has also hacked our router and all our passwords and continues to do so. If you see something that seems unusual purportedly to be from me than it is probably from him.


Author: koamike

Retired and living with my partner, dog and a cat colony on the slope of Mauna Loa. Would rather be living in Palm Springs, California and hope to return there some day. Meanwhile enjoy swimming, walking/hiking and bicycling, trying to maintain my home and property despite really wanting to burn it to the ground. And a little photography. Interested in LGBTQI, environmental and social justice issues.

6 thoughts on “DEATH THREATS

  1. So they are making threats, harassing, and stealing digital ID? But if they make these threats to your face and you have no proof, law enforcement won’t do a thing, right? There has GOT to be a way to get the best of them somehow. Wear a wire, record with your smartphone, hire a PI, something. Please do not be a victim, Michael, and don’t let them ruin your life. Nothing is worth that.

    • I tried to get out of here in 2013 when I went back to California. G wouldn’t agree to a settlement with me that would have allowed me my own very humble place in Palm Springs. There was an opportunity then to buy a very inexpensive mobile home then. Haven’t seen anything that good since. I hated doing that to him as I didn’t want to divorce him. I wanted to divorce Hawaii. I HATE it here! But I have stuck it out in the interim hoping the market would improve and he would want to move. He hates the desert because of the heat but does like the idea of being near Los Angeles. So we will see…

    • These comments are out of order, lol

  2. Don’t want to discuss too much here at this time. Local police here are useless and some are corrupt thugs as well. The wife of neighbor even came out and screamed at us that the police were on their side. They get to break the rules with impunity. We do not. There is a huge double standard here. The Hawaiians don’t want us here. We are on their land. Not to worry…I throw sh@t back! I don’t even want to be here myself but until we can sell this house for what need to get out of it we’re stuck. And the market here is terrible. Houses sit on the market here for years. There is a glut of them from people trying to get out.

    • Remember the Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”:
      You got to know when to hold ’em
      Know when to fold ’em
      Know when to walk away
      And know when to run

      Real estate prices are going up, up, and away on the West Coast. If prices aren’t recovering there by now, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to get better. Meanwhile, things are getting pricier all the time elsewhere. Time for you and spouse to do a reality check, IMHO. Life is too short to spend in miserable.

      • I’ve noticed that. San Francisco has become outrageously expensive. Where we lived before out beyond the Bay Area not so much still for mobile homes. Same in Palm Springs/Cathedral City. But without any equity here at the moment we’re pretty much stuck paying what is an affordable “rent” to the bank. The house and property are nice but we just had the bad luck of having this a hole neighbor buy near us. Doesn’t bother G all that much as he is still working and so focused on that. A friend of ours who lives in this area also told me to be patient as he thinks the market is going to rise up again here. The rest of Hawaii is getting expensive and this is the last affordable area. Hopefully when G retires there will be good timing with that.

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