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Amy’s Kitchen Taking Fast Food Head-On With Vegetarian Drive-Thru In Rohnert Park

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CBS San Francisco

ROHNERT PARK (CBS SF) — Amy’s Kitchen is putting a healthy spin on fast food by opening a drive-thru in Rohnert Park that will serve all vegetarian fare.

The Petaluma-based frozen organic food maker’s new venture will take on the fast food empire head-on with meat-free burgers, and pizzas made from scratch.

“The heart of the Drive Thru menu is The Amy, a veggie burger the company developed over the course of over a thousand recipe taste tests,” Amy’s said in a press release.

95-percent of the menu will feature organic ingredients with an emphasis on local sources.

Competition for the location will be stiff.  An In-N-Out Burger location sits just one block away from Amy’s drive thru.

The restaurant opens in July, and will serve lunch and dinner, with plans to eventually serve breakfast.

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