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Weekly Forecast February 16: New Moon in Aquarius, Sun Enters Pisces


First signs of spring. © Pat Paquette, 2015. First signs of spring. © Pat Paquette, 2015.

This is a week for sudden endings – some foreseen – leading right into unexpected new beginnings, as the overall pace picks up considerably.

Wednesday’s rare New Moon occurs in the last degree of Aquarius – so close to the end that the Moon enters Pisces seven seconds later, with the Sun another three minutes behind. It’s so close that I couldn’t get my astrology software to show the New Moon in Aquarius. It rounds up to the nearest fraction of a degree, which puts it at 0 degrees Pisces. I’ll discuss more about this unusual New Moon below.

Mercury is now moving steadily forward (from our perspective here on Earth), in brainy air sign Aquarius. Projects that were delayed

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Solidarity with ACT UP at Human Rights Campaign D.C. HQ


Activists in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C. target HRC…

IMG_8030Santa sent the 1AngryOldLesbian.org (1AOL) elves out again for the second time this first month of 2015 with a lump of coal to the Human Rights Campaign DC flagship in support of the demonstration being orchestrated by ACT UP NY at the HRC Greater NY Gala tonight. As Santa has shared recently with HRC, honoring companies on their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) that participate in illegal activity is wrong.

Tonight’s actions in NY, SF and DC are about getting out on the streets and making some noise. Taking ACT UP’s own words, 1AOL posted a 15’x3′ banner on HRC’s wall (on the actual building, not their virtual Facebook wall) focusing on tonight’s HRC honoree, General Electric. The pinkwashing cover they provide to criminal corporations is despicable. What indicator will HRC put into place? When do the crimes of their…

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