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Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice | Southern Poverty Law Center




“It is a hateful place to live if you are white,” wrote a woman on one Hawaii website’s comments section. A Hawaii native who is white wrote, “Racism exists in Hawaii. My whole life I’ve never really felt welcome here.” A sailor stationed at Pearl Harbor added that “this island is the most racist place I have ever been in my life.”

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Author: koamike

Retired and living with my partner, dog and a cat colony on the slope of Mauna Loa. Would rather be living in Palm Springs, California and hope to return there some day. Meanwhile enjoy swimming, walking/hiking and bicycling, trying to maintain my home and property despite really wanting to burn it to the ground. And a little photography. Interested in LGBTQI, environmental and social justice issues.

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice | Southern Poverty Law Center

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if a bunch of Southern redneck good ol’ boys got transported suddenly to Hawaii? If they and the native Hawaiians didn’t kill each other first, they might actually learn something. Ya think? Naaaa. Never happen.

    • They are very similar and would co-exist just fine. There are many here already as there are Hawaiians in places in the Deep South. The first harassment I encountered here was from a white guy with a southern accent. They are peas out of the same pod and both conquered people with major chips on their shoulders. And just as homophobic and racist. If I had known all this prior to moving here I could have just moved to the Redneck Riviera or Florida. At least the cost of living is reasonable in either of the later.

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