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Windows 7’s slow sunset continues with October 31st deadline


As PC users anxiously await the release of Windows 9, many are beginning to worry about the latest impending deadline for Windows 7. On the Windows lifecycle fact sheet, Microsoft notes that it will no longer provide copies of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium or Ultimate to third-party manufacturers for inclusion on new consumer PCs.

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Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice | Southern Poverty Law Center



“It is a hateful place to live if you are white,” wrote a woman on one Hawaii website’s comments section. A Hawaii native who is white wrote, “Racism exists in Hawaii. My whole life I’ve never really felt welcome here.” A sailor stationed at Pearl Harbor added that “this island is the most racist place I have ever been in my life.”

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Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Daytripping and Observing Life

Low tide is the best time to visit Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, located near Olympia in northwest Washington state. Conveniently for me on the day I visited, that happened at 12:30PM. I arrived at noon and explored the refuge for 3 hours.

Just as I set foot on the boardwalk that would take me through a riparian forest, I spied a snake that I had never seen before. Later research at home revealed that it is a subspecie of garter snake, the Puget Sound Garter Snake. Nothing to fear; it is not poisonous.

Puget Sound Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis pickeringii, seen at near the parking lot at Nisqually NWR. Puget Sound Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis pickeringii, seen at near the parking lot at Nisqually NWR.

I was able to get only a couple of quick shots of this handsome snake before a young girl came tromping along the boardwalk in the opposite direction and nearly stepped on the snake.  I yelled.  She jumped.  And the snake…

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Weekly Forecast September 22: Pluto Direct, New Moon in Libra


Weighing the Harvest. © Mafoto for Dreamstime.com Accounting. © Mafoto for Dreamstime.com There are a few major shifts this week that should produce a more balanced perspective and acceptance of things as they are, which can help reduce anxiety.

In world affairs, there’s a renewed emphasis on negotiations for peace, although the most important developments will take place out of the public eye and may bear little resemblance to what’s being reported in the media. Military operations will be covert or, at the very least, called something other than what they are. More about that in a minute.

On Monday, Pluto comes out of retrograde less than two hours before the Sun enters Libra – in astrological terms, the Libra ingress. Then on Wednesday (late Tuesday in western time zones), we have the New Moon at 1 degree Libra.

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2 Deer Stop Traffic On Golden Gate Bridge During Friday Evening Commute

CBS San Francisco

SAUSALITO (CBS SF) — Two northbound deer briefly stopped traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge Friday night as they made a run for the hills of Marin County, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The deer, reported at 5:24 p.m., appear to have entered the bridge from the south, according to CHP Officer Andrew Barclay.

[worldnow id=10557375 width=320 height=240 type=video]

The moment was instantly captured on social media with cell phone cameras. This shot from RebeccaAbbey on Instagram is one of the most shared, with her writing, “You just don’t see this everyday,” including hashtag “#deergate2014.”

They quickly brought the three northbound lanes traffic to a halt behind them as they ran from San Francisco toward Marin, CHP officers were caught in the resulting traffic backup and by the time they reached the scene, the deer were gone, Barclay said. However, several videos and photos taken by people on the bridge…

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