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Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice | Southern Poverty Law Center



“It is a hateful place to live if you are white,” wrote a woman on one Hawaii website’s comments section. A Hawaii native who is white wrote, “Racism exists in Hawaii. My whole life I’ve never really felt welcome here.” A sailor stationed at Pearl Harbor added that “this island is the most racist place I have ever been in my life.”


Author: koamike

Retired and living with my partner, dog and a cat colony on the slope of Mauna Loa. Would rather be living in Palm Springs, California and hope to return there some day. Meanwhile enjoy swimming, walking/hiking and bicycling, trying to maintain my home and property despite really wanting to burn it to the ground. And a little photography. Interested in LGBTQI, environmental and social justice issues.

3 thoughts on “Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice | Southern Poverty Law Center

  1. I have lived in primarily African-American neighborhoods in the mid to late ’70’s when racial tensions were particularly acute and more recently in a primarily Chinese-American neighborhood where racial tensions were pretty much non-existent – actually a pleasant experience – except for the homophobic Native American neighbors. But this experience on Hawai’i Island that I have experienced the last seven years is also by far the most racist place I have ever been in my life! And homophobic, xenophobic, petty and provincial!! And not just based on race either…I think petty, provincial and xenophobic pretty much sum up this place.

  2. And you can add culturally self-absorbed to the list.

  3. It is also a borderline Christian Theocracy might I add. Anyway, all of the above is fine as I don’t give a flying fig about the place anyway. Just enduring it until I can get off the damn rock. And of course, this is not a blanket indictment…there are exceptions to the rules here and some significantly positive people, like anywhere else…except maybe the Islamic State of the Levant.

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