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Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Hit Their Highest Point In 800,000 Years [Updated] | ThinkProgress

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Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Hit Their Highest Point In 800,000 Years [Updated] | ThinkProgress.

Fascinating stuff (to me at least,)

But whether it’s 800,000 years ago or 15 million years ago, Gleick emphasizes that “the more important point to remember is that never in the history of the planet have humans altered the atmosphere as radically as we are doing so now.”

And this uncharted territory is something humans will have to navigate for quite some time because once its emitted, carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere. In fact, Andrew Freedman explains, “a single molecule of carbon dioxide can remain aloft for hundreds of years, which means that the effects of today’s industrial activities will be felt for the next several centuries, if not thousands of years.”

April is now the first month in recorded history in which carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400 ppm every day, according to readings taken at the Mauna Loa observatory. Pieter Tans, a climate scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told Climate Central he “expects the level to peak at around 402.5 ppm in May, before declining” and that “the 400-ppm mark will very likely be reached earlier next year, possibly in February.”


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