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Marshall Islands Sues U.S., Other Nuclear Powers for Failure to Disarm



Marshall Islands Sues U.S., Other Nuclear Powers for Failure to Disarm.


Author: koamike

Retired and living with my partner, dog and a cat colony on the slope of Mauna Loa. Would rather be living in Palm Springs, California and hope to return there some day. Meanwhile enjoy swimming, walking/hiking and bicycling, trying to maintain my home and property despite really wanting to burn it to the ground. And a little photography. Interested in LGBTQI, environmental and social justice issues.

3 thoughts on “Marshall Islands Sues U.S., Other Nuclear Powers for Failure to Disarm

  1. Thanks for the link. I find it ironic that the U.S. and others with nuclear arsenals are so worried about what Iran might be up to, meanwhile the U.S. spends more on its war machine than the rest of the world combined and Putin is trying to rebuild the USSR and fire up the Cold War all over again.

  2. Yes, Iran is probably the least threat of them all. Pakistan…apparently another story. If Pakistan and India start lobbing them at each other then Nuclear Winter for everybody I have heard/read. A lot of it seems like a self fulfilling prophecy to me. The Neo-Con set up for the massive US war machine that has to be fed with endless war. Putin the newest Russian tsar. Not a good mix. History repeating with reincarnated players. The play never seems to end well.

    There are a lot of Marshall Islanders here where I live now. They are allowed to emigrate here under some agreement between the governments. Not sure what the agreement is.

    Other islanders in the South Pacific are having to think about or are currently relocating as their islands are going under the waves. Global warming and rising sea levels are going to cause an increasing emigration from low lying areas of the world from Bangladesh to even the U.S.

    What the impact from Fukushima will be on Japan and surrounding area remains to be seen and is the subject of speculation at this point.

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