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Last Days of Atlantis









Author: koamike

Retired and living with my partner, dog and a cat colony on the slope of Mauna Loa. Would rather be living in Palm Springs, California and hope to return there some day. Meanwhile enjoy swimming, walking/hiking and bicycling, trying to maintain my home and property despite really wanting to burn it to the ground. And a little photography. Interested in LGBTQI, environmental and social justice issues.

9 thoughts on “Last Days of Atlantis

  1. The topmost video you posted, Last Day of Atlantis, contained an impressive montage of volcanic shots intermixed with computer graphic. Pretty sure I recognized some bits of Kilauea in there along with others that look familiar, but I can’t name.

    The Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds depiction of the dew-covered spider web had me seeing the author’s concept of infinite reflections of all in a similar light as my own musings of the universe. It is a philosophical/religious way for a mere human to wrap his head around a concept that is otherwise incomprehensible.

    When, as a child, I first learned of the Big Bang and the infinite, ever-expanding universe, as well as molecules and atoms and sub-atomic particles, the only way I could wrap my head around that was to think of galaxies on a totally different time scale existing inside me, and to people living in those galaxies, I was the expanding universe (as I was a growing child). Similarly, according to my thought processes, I am a sub-sub-sub-atomic particle existing on another very different time scale in a universe that it actually another living being.

    That over-simplified version of universes within universes persists in my mind decades later. To me, at least, it fits nicely with science as well as religion. It is all, literally and figuratively, interconnected and mutually dependent. Obviously, my way of wrapping my head around the concept of the infinite, is not intuitive for the rest of the world, or it would be a prevalent belief. No matter. It works for me.

    Okay, I’m all out of thinks for now. See ya later.

  2. I think of our world now that is so interconnected by fiber optic as sort of a fragile “Atlantis”. We seem to be in perilous times again, whether it be from natural or human threats. I wonder sometimes about its survival. So enjoy every moment as best you can.

    • Name a time in history and I’ll bet there were people concerned about the perilous times. Compared to the Cold War nuclear threats or the Bubonic Plague of the dark ages or any number of other major threats, modern times don’t seem to be all that scary. Yes there is peril and hazard aplenty, but in Mother Nature’s terms, it’s the survival of the species that matter, not any particular individuals.

      Who knows what it will look like? I have a hunch, though, that planet Earth will be here, and probably humans, too, 1000 years from now. One thing is certain, that each individual life is finite. Don’t put off for some future time anything that you can enjoy today.

      As someone said, “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming ‘Wow, what a RIDE!'”

      Live. Love. Do no harm. Help when you can.
      Beyond that, get the most out of life that you can.

  3. The potential for mass extinction is much greater now than previous times. But yes, enjoy life!!

    Facebook had this edit issue for awhile also but they fixed it. I guess we need to contact WP admin!

  4. Hopefully, in this new “Atlantis” we will have clean energy, clean environment and healthy people. And an ‘Edit’ button on WP, lol.

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